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Brand: Nazza

Nazza Isopropyl Alcohol

Isopropyl alcohol, also known as 2-propanol or isopropanol, is used as a cleaner for electrical contacts. -Does not leave residues -purity >99.5% isopropyl alcohol. It is NOT a dissolution -Slightly soluble in water Useful for cleaning the printing bed, as well as for cleaning the remaining resin on printed parts without a trace of stains.

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Brand: Capricorn

Teflón Capricorn Premium XS

This item is sold in units of 10 cm, you can adjust the desired length, adding as many units as you want. We will supply the tube to you continuously for lengths less than 2 m. (for example if you add 5 units we will send you a continuous tube of 50 cm) High quality Teflon tube, with very low friction and high temperature resistance. Capricorn XS vs TL...

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Teflon tube

Generic Teflon tube Inner diameter (ID): 1.9mm ± 0.15mm Outer diameter (OD): 4.0mm You can adjust the desired length, adding as many 10cm units as you want. We will supply the tube continuously for lengths less than 2m.

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PLA 870 Winkle Verde Aguacate


Our PLA 870 filament (1.75mm or 2.85mm) is a filament manufactured in Spain for 3D printers with FFF/FDM technology. PLA is a biodegradable plastic that is obtained from natural resources from starch extracted from corn, beets

and wheat.

The PLA 870 is manufactured with an exclusive NatureWorks Ingeo 3D870 formulation. This achieves an impact resistance greater than ABS by 50%, with 120% following the post-annealing process. All this with the ease of printing a polymer such as PLA, including high resistance to UV rays.

Thanks to our exhaustive quality control, we guarantee a constant diameter throughout the winding, something that will make your prints of much higher quality, avoiding jams in your machine. In the same way, our process guarantees the absence of chemical impurities that could modify the physical, chemical and aesthetic properties of our product


In order to preserve the properties of our product, they are shipped packaged in a sealed bag to protect it from moisture and UV rays. This makes PLA 870 a perfect material for your most demanding projects

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PLA 870
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el PLA 870 me gusta mucho, se deja imprimir muy bien con buena calidad